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About Us

We believe that in order for the peoples of Africa to move forward economically and compete in the global economy then a culturally supportive and developed healthcare system is an absolute necessity.

Let us introduce ourselves

About the Building

Healthchek Mission
Healthchek seeks to deliver health promotion programmes in urban and rural communities based on research and development in environmental aspects. Through capacity building Healthchek empowers communities to be self reliant and address their environmental health issues.

Healthchek strives to facilitate the provision of specialized human resources, medical supplies and appropriate technology to its beneficiaries.

The organization will endeavor to advocate and bring about change on health related issues.

embeded is our mission

HealthChek’s Mission

Healthchek Vision
Healthchek is a Non Profit Making Organization whose vision is to see self sustaining communities that have excellent environmental health

Goals and objectives of the program

These are medium/long term tangible achievements that are expected to guide the works towards achieving the vision.

They were developed from five strategic areas, which form the backbone of Healthchek vision, and these are:

  • To have an acceptable, accessible and well co-ordinated health prevention and promotion programmed supported by continuous research and development that reaches out to all levels of society.
  • To have an effective Advocacy programme that addresses health related issues and bring about change.
  • To have a community driven capacity building programme that empowers the community to be self reliant, effectively take up initiatives and actively participate towards the achievement of their environmental health programmes.
  • To have an organisational development programme that ensures Healthchek is able to spearhead effective programmes for the purpose of its beneficiaries.
  • To have a resource mobilization programme that ensures communities are self sustaining and have the appropriate capacity and adequately skilled manpower.

Auxiliary Goal to WIPO

To have Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore programmers in support of country level and International level programme to bring about Change in this area.


Healthchek seeks to build strong partnership with various institutions and international organisations in the delivery of its objectives, below are few organisation to which Healthchek is in consultation with:

  • United State International Development Agency (USAID)
  • City of Johannesburg in South Africa (COJ)
  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)